School Policies


The mission of Christopher Farms Elementary School, in partnership with the community, is to engage students in rigorous instruction, challenge students to become critical thinkers, and to motivate students to become responsible learners and citizens.


7:30 a.m. Administrative office opens

7:50 a.m. Teachers arrive

7:50 a.m. Students begin to arrive

Students should NOT be dropped off before this time, unless special arrangements have been made, as they will not have supervision.

8:10 a.m. Instructional day begins

11:20 a.m. A.M. kindergarten dismissed

11:30 a.m. P.M. kindergarten begins

2:40 p.m. Student dismissal

3:10 p.m. Teacher day ends

4:00 p.m. Administrative office closes

Walking Zone:  The Christopher Farms walking zone encompasses Pleasant Acres Drive and all adjoining courts including Fresh Meadow Court, Taylor Farms Court, Farmingdale Circle, Morningwood Court, Wheathusk Court, Fence Court, Pleasant Acres Court, and Saw Mill Court.  The walking zone also extends from the intersection of Pleasant Acres Drive and Redbarn Drive to Christopher Farms Drive, and includes Broad Acres Way and Broad Acres Court. 

Any student living outside of the walking zone but within the Christopher Farms neighborhood must have written permission from a parent to walk or ride a bike to or from school.  Any student living outside of the Christopher Farms neighborhood wishing to walk or ride a bike to or from school must be accompanied by an adult.  That adult will need to sign the student out at dismissal each day. 

Arrival/Parent Drop Off/Walkers and Bike Riders:  Students may be dropped off in the front loop each morning from 7:50AM to 8:10AM.  For safety, parents should follow a single-file line of cars and pull into the loop before dropping off their children.  Any student arriving after 8:10AM must be signed in at the security desk by an adult.  All walkers and bike riders should arrive to school no earlier than 7:50AM. 

Dismissal/Parent Pick Up/Walkers and Bike Riders:  Parents picking up students from school must come in and sign out their children at the security desk.  Please plan to arrive at school to sign out your child by 2:35PM. Walkers and bike riders who live in the Christopher Farms neighborhood will be walked out to Pleasant Acres Drive by a staff member each afternoon at dismissal. 

Dismissal Changes:  If your child plans to go home a different way than usual, please send in a written note to the teacher.  We can only allow a child to change his or her form of transportation home if we have a note. Parents picking up children from school should go to the security desk in the foyer.  If someone other than a parent/legal guardian will be picking up your child, please send in a note with the person’s name on it, and make sure they bring identification in with them.  Please make every effort to communicate any transportation changes by 2:00PM, so we can ensure your child goes home the correct way.  If choosing to email changes, please copy our security assistant, as well as at least two office associates in case the teacher is out for the day. 

Folders:  Your child will bring home a Colt Folder every Tuesday for you to check and then return. You will need to fill out several forms at the beginning of the school year. Please return them as soon as possible in the folder. Please make sure that your child brings the Colt Folder back to school every week.  This year, most of the school and PTA communication about events will be sent electronically.  Please make sure the school has an updated email address. 

Absences:  Please try to keep absences and tardies to a minimum. When your child is absent, please call the school or send in a note of explanation for the absence.

Birthday Invitations:  Teachers may allow birthday invitations to be distributed if there is an invitation for every student in the class.  Please consider adding your name to the PTA School Address Directory that is compiled by our PTA.  The directory will provide access to the addresses of all the Colt Families who submitted their names.  Information on how to have your name and address included in the directory will be distributed in early September.  Once the directory is completed, you may pick up a copy at the school.  We encourage your participation in this wonderful resource. 

BYOD – Bring Your Own Device:  As per the Virginia Beach City Public Schools’ policy, students may bring their own devices to school; however, devices are brought to school at the students’ and parents’ own risk.  In the event that a privately owned device is lost, stolen, or damaged, VBCPS is not responsible for any financial or data loss.  Students bringing their own device to school will only be permitted to use the device at the teacher’s discretion during the instructional day.  Students may take their device to lunch on Fridays. 

CFES Food/Snacks/Treats Policy:  Any food brought in from outside of the school, intended to share with other students, must be checked in prior to distribution to students.  Parents are encouraged to communicate with the teacher prior to bringing in food.  Upon arrival to the school, please check in at the security desk.  The teacher, security assistant, and school nurse will work together to ensure all students with food allergies are protected.  Providing store-bought items may make it more convenient; however, should you wish to bring in home-made items, please be prepared to provide a list of ingredients, including those of boxed mixes.