Spanish Partial Immersion Program

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Welcome to the Spanish Partial Immersion Program at Christopher Farms Elementary School, a program designed to offer students a foreign language experience in the elementary school setting. Research has shown that the optimum educational window for learning a foreign language is during the elementary school years. Consequently, Christopher Farms has developed the Spanish Partial Immersion Program concept to provide additional educational choices for students - the study of Spanish - that will benefit them throughout their school careers.

The Spanish Partial Immersion Program operates as a school-within-a-school. This means that Program students are considered important and essential members of the entire student body at Christopher Farms Elementary School.


The program focuses on high achievement in all academic areas. All Virginia Standards of Learning are covered.

The curriculum is divided into two sections, one taught in English and the other in Spanish. Because mathematics and science employ hands-on activities as well as the use of manipulatives, they are taught by the Spanish language immersion teacher. In addition, this teaching process enhances students' natural acquisition of the second language as well as an understanding of and appreciation for the culture. The grade level English teacher teaches the remaining core courses - language arts and social studies - in English. However, both the language immersion teacher and the grade level teacher work in tandem to integrate the total curriculum.

Since students enrolled in the Spanish Partial Immersion Program are Christopher Farms students, bus transportation will be provided according to the normal bus routes scheduled for the school.

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